Advisory Board

Dr. Deborah Dahl

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Deborah Dahl is the Principal of Conversational Technologies.  She has 20+ years of experience in the field of speech and natural language processing dating back to pioneering work at Unisys.  Dr. Dahl serves as the Chair of the W3C's Multimodal Interaction Working Group, a member of the HTML5 Working Group, and Web Accessibility Initiative's Protocols and Formats Working Group. Dr. Dahl received the prestigious "Speech Luminary" award from Speech Technology Magazine, in 2012 and 2014. Dr. Dahl received a Ph.D in Natural Language Processing from University of Minnesota and Alfred E. Sloan Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cognitive Science from University of Pennsylvania. 

Michael Tessler

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Michael Tessler (“Mike”) is the CEO of Broadsoft (NASDAQ: BSFT), a company that delivers carrier-grade communications systems to service providers worldwide.  Mike is the co-founder of Broadsoft managing its growth and evolution from inception as a  startup venture into a successful publicly listed business.  He has 20+ years of business strategy and technology experience including senior management roles at Alcatel and Nortel. Mike is Electrical Engineer from McGill University.

William S. Meisel

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William (“Bill”) Meisel is the President of TMA Associates, a consulting and publishing firm specialized in the impact of advanced speech technology and the changing role of the telephone on companies.  Bill also serves as the Executive Director of the Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS).  His areas of expertise include Computer Oriented Approaches to Pattern Recognition, Effective Voice User Interface Design, and Speech User Interfaces.  Bill received a Ph.D from University of Southern California.

EVA: Face of the Digital Workspace

EVA is a Virtual Assistant that gets to know you, your device, your location, your preferences & priorities, and intelligently adapts itself to deliver an “in-the-moment” personalized mobile experience.
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EVA for Financial Services

Openstream's “EVA for Financial Services” enables the delivery of rich mobile financial services applications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms for enterprise workforce and customers.
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EVA for Retail

Maximizing sales effectiveness and engaging with the consumers; “EVA for Retail”, enhances sales rep productivity; equips store assistants with valuable information; empower store managers with critical insights in to execution
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User interface has to adapt to the needs of growing dissemination of computing power in our everyday environment. Devices being used beyond the desktop, mobile wearable and pervasive computing has led to the users integrating computing..
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