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November 02, 2015

Openstream 's Pharma EVA offering ( aka Pharma "EVAtar"), was successfully deployed by and large Pharma, and distributed across several locations worldwide.

A Virtual Assistant for the Pharma knowledge worker, EVA enables natural interaction with several business systems like Clinical Information repositories, Email, Calendar and Contacts, Learning Management, Time Management and other systems. Users interact with all these systems seamlessly using a single virtual assistant interface.

" This is a major landmark for us. We're one of the early pioneers in Virtual Assistants for business systems,” said Balaji Narayana, Director of Operations. “What we have deployed is foundational technology. And in the months to come, we will be rapidly deploying newer capabilities.”

While there are a billion-plus apps for consumer consumption, research has shown that most are very sparingly, due to restricted usage to the functionalities of the phone/tablet. Offering new interaction capabilities beyond the simple use of apps on devices, Openstream's EVA is a transformative solution, to take Enterprises beyond the "app" model, into an Intelligent Assistant Architecture.

With over two million users, Openstream innovates intuitive open standards-based technologies that change the way users interact with mobile devices and applications. Openstream enables enterprises & ISVs to rapidly develop, deploy and manage end-to-end secure, highly scalable mobile solutions. Openstream engages the complete mobile ecosystem, from enterprises, wireless carriers, device manufacturers and mobile value added service companies.

About Openstream

Openstream is a leading provider of Proactive, Context-aware Multimodal Mobile Virtual Assistant Platform (EVA) for Enterprises & Content Providers. EVA offers new interaction apabilities beyond the simple use of apps on devices, helping Enterprises transition beyond the "app" model into an Intelligent Assistant Architeture & EVA improves the user-engagement and experience by adapting to the users' preferences & priorities in delivering an "in-the-moment" personalized mobile experience - reducing the effects of information overload and data chaos.

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