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Nov 15, 2015

Openstream conducts Multimodal application development Workshop at ICMI, 2015 Seattle USA

Workshop: Developing portable & context-aware multimodal applications for connected devices using W3C Multimodal Architecture

Somerset, NJ Nov 15, 2015
The W3C Multimodal Architecture is a standard for integrating components of a multimodal system into a smoothly coordinated application through the use of standard life-cycle events. SCXML, InkML, EMMA, JSON, etc are used within the Multimodal Architecture to manage various of modalities of interaction and represent the semantics of user inputs in a modality-independent fashion. Participants learnt how to use these standards to enhance existing applications with multimodality (e.g., typing, handwriting, speaking) using the Openstream's context-aware multimodal platform. Hands-on participation was enabled for developing portable multimodal applications based on MMI Architecture.

About ICMI
The ICMI workshop program aims to provide researchers with a more informal and discussion oriented forum to discuss emerging topics in multimodal interaction or revisit established research areas from a new angle.

About Openstream

Openstream is a leading provider of Proactive, Context-aware Multimodal Mobile Virtual Assistant Platform (EVA) for Enterprises & Content Providers. EVA offers new interaction apabilities beyond the simple use of apps on devices, helping Enterprises transition beyond the "app" model into an Intelligent Assistant Architeture & EVA improves the user-engagement and experience by adapting to the users' preferences & priorities in delivering an "in-the-moment" personalized mobile experience - reducing the effects of information overload and data chaos.

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