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Apr 20, 2015

Openstream presents Retail Case Study at Mobile Voice Conference 2015

Topic: An in-store virtual assistant for retail workers and the platform used to build it

Somerset, NJ Apr 20, 2015
Raj Tumuluri, Openstream's President, presented Virtual Assistant based case study at the Mobile Voice Conference 2015, held in San Jose, CA.

The case study, provides a virtual assistant interface for the in-store retail worker (aka "associate") performing operations like inventory status, pick items, sales data review, etc. Mr. Tumuluri covered the EVA Retail Avatar ("EVAtar") features and architecture to enable these oprations on a variety of devices.

The Mobile Voice Conference examines the practical, business, and technical implications of the paradigm shift driven by the growth in numbers and sophistication of mobile phones and other mobile devices. Surprisingly quietly, a revolution in the user interface, both voice-only and with other user interface modes, is changing the way individuals and businesses view services and devices using automated speech interaction. Similarly, voice is becoming equivalent to text through the use of speech-to-text and text-to-speech technologies. The Mobile Voice Conference “gives voice” to these trends.

The conference is a small, limited-attendance event without an exhibit hall. Its small size attracts industry leaders and top speakers that want to interact with their peers and hear talks with significant, practical, and insightful content that goes well beyond the usual sales pitches.

The MVC is co-organized by AVIOS: Applied Voice Input Output Society

The Applied Voice Input Output Society (AVIOS) is a not-for-profit private foundation founded in 1981 with the goals of informing, educating, and providing resources to developers and designers of new and changing speech technologies. AVIOS endeavors to create linkages between users, developers, and researchers to advance speech and multimodal technology with a long tradition of conferences and varied workshops around the country.

About Openstream

Openstream is a leading provider of Proactive, Context-aware Multimodal Mobile Virtual Assistant Platform (EVA) for Enterprises & Content Providers. EVA offers new interaction apabilities beyond the simple use of apps on devices, helping Enterprises transition beyond the "app" model into an Intelligent Assistant Architeture & EVA improves the user-engagement and experience by adapting to the users' preferences & priorities in delivering an "in-the-moment" personalized mobile experience - reducing the effects of information overload and data chaos.

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