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Human beings are context aware. How you interact with your email while on the move, is different from how you interact with it while at your desk. Context Aware solutions can fluidly manage various situational conditions to deliver the most optimum interaction for the application.

Gartner cool vendor 2011


User interface has to adapt to the needs of growing dissemination of computing power in our everyday environment. Devices being used beyond the desktop, mobile wearable and pervasive computing has led to the users integrating computing..
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Continuously monitoring your Attention Stream requirements, the eMLE™ Virtual Assistant reconfigures your Dashboard reflecting your exigent priorities and content filters. Live Information is reflected ...
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mobileforceONE™ is a bundled offering of mobile-software, applications, reporting-and software-maintenance-services and mobile-hardware and data-network services (optionally).
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SmartAssistant is a context-aware "mobile virtual personal assistant" that is intelligent, multimodal interaction enabled and offers service that combines the services of call-manager...
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